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Plan A Perfect Party

X marks the spot
As a child, nothing else quite tops your birthday (okay, maybe Christmas wins out) as the best day of the year. While parents might only remember the late nights spent baking cupcakes the day before (and the last-minute frosting of cupcakes the next morning before heading to school), children often spend all year planning out their next birthday...
The Perfect Kids' Party
For children, birthdays are akin to Christmas. It’s their special day out of the remaining 364 when everything revolves around them. Perhaps there is breakfast in bed, certainly presents. And then there is the party, where, for a couple of hours, the birthday kid and all their close friends can compete like athletes or have a faux sleepover, and...

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Cake pops
When hosting a birthday party or celebrating another kid-friendly occasion, offering a sweet finish at the end of the celebratory meal is often what each child looks forward to most. But the next time there is a party in the house, instead of pulling out that recipe for your tried-and-true triple chocolate cookies or calling the corner bakery to...
Fall harvest kids menu
After bobbing for apples, jumping in leaf piles, and bowling with gourds outside, serve your birthday child and friends this healthy meal full of fall flavors. Then, let them decorate their own pumpkin cupcakes.   Drinks: Rosy Cranberry Cider From This sweet-tart cider is a different twist on a fall favorite.     Lunch:...
We love Sophie. We loved her first adventure and now we’re super excited that the second book, Sophie and the City: Grand Central Escapades is out and features a wonderful adventure back to the Roaring Twenties. Follow Sophie as she meets everyone from flappers to jazz musicians to fashion designers, and learns what life was really like during...
Cool Film-Inspired Cakes for Kids
Movies stoke our imaginations. They take us on journeys we could otherwise only imagine — a house floating through the air, a world turned on its head, or a factory made of candy. And these film-inspired cakes stoke our imaginations, too, creatively combining themes and favorite characters into an incredible, edible sweet. Looking for your own...

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