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  • Want a little heat? Try the spicy rice cake with chorizo - super tasty East meets West!
  • The Fremont Joule is a celebration of the Korean steakhouse. The eight ounce short rib steak, kalbi-style served with grilled kimchi sounds particularly tantalizing. [Eater 38 Member]
  • The sesame waffle and chicken fried steak on the brunch menu is amazing!
  • Good drip coffee, no espresso drinks.
  • Rice cakes with chorizo
  • I don't wanna say "everything is good", bit that's the feeling I have after trying 7 itens of their menu. The chef is so inventive and the dishes so well prepared... Must go!
  • octopus, short ribs, escarole, whatever. Anything these chefs put on a plate is delicious. Joule IS our go-to place for out of town guests and it's a hit every time.
  • Truly a Korean fusion jewel. I highly suggest the kimchi and kalbi.
  • This is a first... Gulp... Must have the Tofu.... OMG! For shame...but yeah, eat that.
  • One of the most original and tasty brunches in Seattle. Highly recommend for people tired of the same-old.
  • The brunch menu is spectacular! Try the chicken and waffles!
  • Had the smoked tofu, spicy rice cakes, short rib steak, and octopus. All were pretty good! Two thumbs up!
  • Brunch changes monthly and is one of the best in the city. Dinner is based on steak, but don't miss the spicy rice cakes or the crispy eggplant
  • Smoked tofu (pictured) and octopus with pork belly are amazing. Didn't have anything that wasn't good.
  • Delicious brunch and buffet with sides. Try the pancake. So yummy!
  • Make sure to get the rice cakes!
  • One of the best restaurants in Seattle. The short rib steak is a must have. The kimchi is made in house and very good. The tapioca dessert is awesome too!
  • Stars of the show here are definitely the spicy rice cakes with chorizo as well as the kalbi-marinated short rib steak with grilled kimchi!
  • Try something from every course. The flavors of the dishes are so unique and scrumptious. Beef tartare was to die for.
  • Great atmosphere clean and bright, small tables but adequate. Great food esp brunch. Perfect potion sizes. Scan the web site first as their buffet is themed and changes from month to month.