Actors Riff on Turkey Basting in 'New Girl' Outtake

Jamie Lee Curtis stars in the 'New Girl' Thanksgiving episode, where Curtis gives Nick (Jake Johnson) some lessons in turkey basting and double entendres



The Daily Meal's admittedly mostly-female staff has already brought you some frisky foods to bring to bed with you, but it looks like turkey basting could be a good method of foreplay. Maybe.

Jamie Lee Curtis previewed an outtake from New Girl on The Tonight Show, a hilarious clip where Nick (Jake Johnson) tries to seduce Jess's mother (Jamie Lee Curtis) while basting a turkey. (Important plot point: He's doing this to make Jess's father jealous so her divorced parents will reunite. Very Parent Trap-esque). According to Curtis, this is just a clip of some 30 to 40 minutes of Johnson and Curtis riffing, creating sexual entendres and come ons, all while basting a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

As Leno notes, it's probably not the best thing to watch with the family (may we recommend A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving instead?), but we're definitely DVR-ing this. This clip alone changes the way we will view turkey basting for the rest of our culinary lives.

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