Row 1

6406 N Clark St (at W Devon Ave)
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 743-5772

Foursquare Tips

  • Best bartenders in Chicago, bar none
  • For a good experience, obey the dress code and tip your bartender.
  • If your an adventurous man willing to take off your shirt on Friday or strip to your underwear on Saturday (it's their dresscode) you can checkout the basement fetish bar, called "The Hole."
  • If you are reading this... you aren't in the hole!
  • Next stop after starting at Touche. Highlights include strippers and dancing main floor, and "The Hole" in basement. Look for open air urinals, tubs, St. Andrew's cross, and narrow backroom. Go.
  • Downstairs :)
  • Friday nights are less strict than Saturday nights on the dress code. Be prepared to strip to your undies on Saturday!
  • after 1am, last place to get a drink before you hit the floor.
  • Talk to cute bartender rob for good drinks.
  • The "Hole police" are not ridiculously choosy. The dresscode is posted. The people who complain that they aren't allowed in need to refer to the dresscode, and if unwilling to follow it, do not enter.
  • SUN: $7 Lng Isl, Amy/Lloyd Open Mic MON: $3 you call it (ex: martinis, rocks, and Lng Isl) TUES: $3 Bacardi/Finlandia drinks Karaoke WED: $1 Well w/ $5 buy in THU: $2 Miller/Bud, $3 other beer
  • Go downstairs. For all that is holy, go downstairs.
  • The bartender Ron makes it an unbelievable great time....thanks. :)
  • Third time is not the charm
  • That young guy in the shirt that says dogs will totally go home with you if you act like you enjoy lawyers
  • Keep your wallet in your front pocket, not the back. Not all patrons are honest.
  • Sounds strange but root beer long islands on special o. Sundays
  • Fun. times!
  • I'm working in Aspen, so no time to create a tip that reminds Dan to keep not run around that place like a horny teenager
  • Somebody tell Dan that the guy who wont go home with anyone else isnt going home with him either