Was Dr. Oz Right About the Apple Juice Threat?

An investigation finds arsenic levels in some fruit juices are higher than FDA water standards

Back in September, Dr. Oz made headlines when he did a story about arsenic in apple juice, only to have the Food and Drug Administration (and some news sources) say it's natural. “There is no evidence of any public health risk from drinking these juices,” the FDA said in a press release in September.

Well, it looks like the apple juice controversy is back. Consumer Reports noticed that while the FDA has federal standards for arsenic and lead levels in drinking water, there aren't any limits for fruit juices.

Their investigation found that 10 percent of juice samples had arsenic levels higher than the FDA drinking water standards, and most of the arsenic found was inorganic (a carcinogen). Consumer Reports tested 88 samples of apple juice and grape juice.

Their test results actually aren't that surprising, sources say. “Our test findings of arsenic and lead in apple juice are in line with existing data from the Food and Drug Administration,” a Consumer Reports representative said. “In fact, the agency has found higher levels of arsenic and lead in apple juice."

Still, Consumer Reports proposes that the FDA set a limit of arsenic levels for juice and lower limits for water. Your move, FDA.

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WOW! Interesting at the very least since I drink apple or grape juice first thing every morning. I was actually drinking grape juice when I read the article. My drinking water is virtually unsafe, my juice is obviously unsafe. I'm getting parched just writing this!


God said to put natural foods in our body and arsenic is not for the body. and God created everyone and i'm not putting that in my child's body it's dangerous and why do you think everyone has so many health issue's and disease's like adhd/add and diabetes's and the list goes on.

LeslieIllenver's picture

Dr. Oz describing high levels of arsenic in fruit juice in this segment has been charged with mockery from viewers and by some groups. The Food and drug administration was also not amused by him. However, a brand new study by Consumer Reports has backed up his claims.
Learn more at: http://www.newsytype.com/13756-consumer-reports-arsenic-in-juice/


if it's not natural the way God intended than it's bad for the body why do you think we have so many disease's and health problems . arsenic is not natural from ho
w God made us. and God made everyone. it's up to us to take care of the body he gave us.

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