Inauguration Food and Drink

As the U.S. prepares for the 57th presidential inauguration, The Daily Meal decided to take a nostalgic look at past inauguration meals and what presidents have eaten on the big day. See First Bites: Presidential Inauguration Meals Through the Years Slideshow The 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee, which is tasked with planning most...
Statutoru Hall
Details about what President Barack Obama will eat after he takes the oath of office at the 57th formal Presidential inaugural ceremony on Jan. 21, have been unveiled. The inaugural luncheon has been an Inauguration Day tradition for more than a century and Obama will feast on a patriotic three-course meal. Members of the Joint Congressional...
Where to Eat If You Want to Be President
Campaign season is getting into full swing and with the endless coverage about who said what, who thinks what, and why the other guy is bad for America, sometimes it's nice to remember the human side of campaigning — the part where candidates relax, roll up their shirt sleeves, and pose for campaign trail photos at restaurants. Click here for...
DC-Backed Tap Water
Would you like bottled water or tap water? While the question used to be reserved for those dining at nice restaurants, it has become a political one. Government officials, already planning the presidential inauguration, are requesting that tap water replace bottled water as the drink provided to attendees. [related] Washington D.C.’s water...
We guess that people are still really, really interested in getting a taste of President Obama's Honey Ale: one report now shows that a group of Minnesotans paid $1,200 for a single bottle.  Fortunately, as Politico and the blog Obamafoodrama report, all the proceeds went to a charity auction for University of Minnesota's Amplatz Children's...
Now that details of President Obama's inauguration eats and drinks are coming out, no one is more pissed than the French about Obama's drink of choice: a U.S.-grown sparkling wine.  The LA Times reports on the French-American relations miff; the Champagne Bureau (aka the "bubbly lobby") is upset that the drink for Obama's inauguration banquet is...

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