How to Quickly Chop Onions

Photo by Clark Halpern

No matter what I do, I can never seem to make it through chopping onions without my eyes misting up. In order to limit the amount of time I spend crying over a cutting board of onions, I learned how to chop an onion in the most efficient way possible. This method of cutting onions is quick and easy so you can get on with your day without looking like you just finished a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon.


1. First, chop off the top of the onion.

Photo 1

Photo by Clark Halpern

2. Then, slice three shallow grooves into the skin of the onion so that the skin is divided into thirds.

Photo 2

Photo by Clark Halpern

3. Peel each section of the skin down towards the root of the onion.

Photo 3

Photo by Clark Halpern

4. Chop off the root and the skin.

Photo 4

Photo by Clark Halpern

5. Slice the onion in half.

Photo 5

Photo by Clark Halpern

6. Leaving an intact section of onion near the root end, make parallel slices towards the top of the onion.

Photo 6

Photo by Clark Halpern

7. Slice the onion perpendicularly to the cuts you just made to quickly slice the onion.

Photo 7

Photo by Clark Halpern


Photo 8

Photo by Clark Halpern

Photo 9

Photo by Clark Halpern

Note: In order to decrease the size of the final cut pieces of onion, you can make more parallel cuts and more perpendicular cuts.

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