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Guy Fieri Taught Drake to Cook and More News

In today's Media Mix, a healthier fryer, plus the first of many hangover cures

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Chef Recreates Crane Collapse: In a new take on crazy gingerbread houses, a chef decided to take the notorious crane collapse in New York City during Hurricane Sandy, and bake a 5-foot-tall gingerbread model of the scene. [Curbed]

Missy Robbins Discusses Michelin Stars: In a video from the Michelin Guide, Missy Robbins from New York City's A Voce discuss what the stars mean and where they come from. [HuffPo]

Healthier Fryer for Foods: A food scientist at Purdue University found a method to cook food that tastes fried but has up to 50 percent less fat and fewer calories.  [Purdue]

Check Out Drake Learning to Cook From Guy Fieri: On Saturday, R&B crooner Drake decided to cook something with Flavortown king Guy Fieri. [Gawker]

Science of the Hangover: If you've ever wanted to know the science behind hangovers (and the weird cures people have for them), here's a longread for a Monday morning. [New Yorker]

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