Guerrilla Street Food Truck: Fresh. Local. Filipino. St. Louis.

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St. Louis has something you probably don’t: a badass food truck serving Filipino-inspired cuisine with the motto: "Fresh. Local. Filipino." The founder and chef Joel Crespo and Brian Hardesty have been open for about a year and already they’ve taken over the Gateway to the West, their Guerrilla Street Food truck being named the 2012 "Best Food Truck in St. Louis" by the Riverfront Times.

The rotating menu of dishes might require a little explanation to those who are less than familiar with Filipino cuisine, but you don’t need a passport to order Guerrilla’s signature dish, the "Flying Pig." Slow-roasted pork set on jasmine rice, topped with egg and accented by calamansi tartness and Sriracha heat. "You're content to wait for trucks bearing tacos, pizza, or whatever to park near you," the Riverfront Times noted. "Guerrilla Street Food you hunt down."

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