Golden Corral Food Poisoning Sickens 167

Norovirus suspected at the discount buffet chain

Nearly 200 diners near Casper, Wyo., were affected by food poisoning last week, and the main culprit is the area's Golden Corral.

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The rapidly expanding North Carolina-based chain is best known for its buffets, which have long been known as prime targets for foodborne illness. The restaurant recently opened, according to the New York Daily News, and closed down Thursday, Dec. 13, after 167 people reported symptoms of norovirus (aka the stomach flu), which inflames the stomach and intestines and is spread by eating contaminated food or touching contaminated surfaces.

While it hasn’t been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Golden Corral is to blame, it would be quite the coincidence if it just happened to be where all the affected people ate.

The restaurant was back open on Friday, Dec. 14, after a thorough scrubbing, according to reports.

This isn’t Golden Corral’s first brush with food poisoning, but it is its most serious. Back in 2003, a Georgia outpost was responsible for infecting 23 with salmonella. 


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I have eaten at a local Golden Corral (and several others both in state and out of state) for years. They have the best fried chicken in the world. I usually eat there about twice a month. No problem at all with their food.

marib's picture

I am not shocked when reading this article about the virus at Golden Corral.
1 year ago I ate at a local Golden Corral. Normally I avoid restaurants with food buffets, but wanted to try out this new Golden Corral so ate there twice. The second time I became sick within an hour after leaving the restaurant. I vomited all night and was so dehydrated and nauseous the following morning I went to an emergency room. Got IV fluids and medicine for the nausea. Haven't been back to a Golden Corral.

sheldj0's picture

Not sure how familiar you are with the symptoms of foodborne illness but generally the symptoms don't affect a person until almost 12 hours after consumption. So you could possibly have eaten something else earlier in the day and that might have been the cause of your illness. Not to say that it wasn't the Golden Corral, but as a Foodservice Manager, we commonly have people tell us that they ate lunch at our establishment and have gotten sick within the hour, we don't normally argue with the customer, but it's hard to believe it's a foodborne illness when we have not other reports of illness and 90% of my employees have been certified with their foodservice sanitation certifications. Working as a corporate dining facility, we have to take extra precautions with our food handling to avoid the company being sued by its employees.

pwells4's picture

I live in Kansas City, MO and two Friday's ago my family and I ate at the Golden Corral near Liberty. Not an hour after we left there my husband and son were barfing all night. My husband to this day is still not 100% better. The guy they had at the grill area did not speak English, so I'm not sure how he even passed the food-service sanitation certification test. The thing is, not everyone reports it, we did not report it. We should of!

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