Gloria's Cafe

10227 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90034
(310) 838-0963
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feedthemonster, Staff Writer

A Salvadoran and Mexican Feast, Hot and Quick. Here is how much The Monster knows about El Salvador: It’s in Central America.  San Salvador is the capital.  And…that about covers it.  Which brings The Monster to Read More

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Foursquare Tips
Tina G
The papusa are delicious!
Theresa T
Chicken tortilla soup is nothing to cluck at!
Gee Dominguez
Sucks they don't let u share plates...
David Swinson
Plato Tipico!!!
Chris Hei
Carne Adobada + Pupusas are the things to get here. Chicken Tortilla Soup is great on a cold/sick day too.
Crowded at lunchtime, quieter after 3:30pm. Gloria closes at 10pm daily. Try the Plato Tipico combo
Alice Q
Chile relleno was bomb! The pollo ranchero was great too. If you want a little of everything, try the 'plato tipical' for a pupusa, black beans, yuca frita, chicharon, and platanos
Milton Malone
Come often and they will remember you every time. The pupusas are awesome!
Everything is pretty good here. Try the Carne Adobada, Bistec Encebollado, Herb and Cheese Pupusa, Pork Pupusa, Plantains, and Sangria.
❤Ƙҽ  ժíժժվ
This place has awesome food!! :) Perfect Pupusas...!!
John Wagner
Seven seas soup!
Food Network
Guy Fieri, host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, checks out Gloria's Café, an El Salvadoran place making traditional stuffed tortillas and a pork stew called Adobada. Find more tips at FN Local.
Caroline On Crack
The sangria is gooood.
Alex Sandars
Order the non-gringo salsa from the back.
Tiffany Gustanski
Get sangria with whatever you order. And the plantains with black beans and sour cream appetizer is heaven.
Keith Barten
You can't beat the deal on Regia beer.
Andrea Isasi
Pupusas, sope de seven mares, and carne adobado are amazing! Service is super friendly. Sangria is good, too.
fish tacos are awesome.
Jeremy Canceko
Go to Gloria's Cafe. Order pupusas– it is their specialty! Now live life a little more happier and satisfied. + Power-Up!
Jeremy Canceko
Go to Gloria's Cafe. Order pupusas, it's the restaurant's speciality! + 1-up!
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