The French Quarter

Row 1

Foursquare Tips

  • The Quarter is 2/3 square mile of history, architecture, and non-recovering alcoholics.
  • Walk around and people watch!
  • Be prepared for no parking spaces!!
  • The French Quarter is essential New Orleans with galleries, stores and restaurants all begging to be explored. But take your time. Watch street musicans. Savour a drink. Get your palm read.
  • Always tip the street preformers its their full time job. Always tip if you take a picture that's the code here.
  • Get crunk!
  • If you are doing it right, watch where you are walking. Puke and poop are hard to see at night.
  • A piece of heaven on earth... With a soul of its own...and a love for its people...a crossroads for many...a blessing to the world
  • THREE MUSTS FOR THE TOURIST: (1) Cafe Du Monde for breakfast, (2) picnic lunch on a horse-drawn carriage tour, & (3) The Praline Connection Restaurant on Frenchman Street for dinner. DO IT.
  • Walk with confidence. Don't give all your money away.
  • Enjoy the night's carnival, tip the street performers, remember you can still smoke cigarettes quite everywhere and than search for good jazz!!
  • Don't forget cash is king.....
  • Want a hangover? Try a few hand grenades and hurricanes
  • Frozen hand grenades
  • I had a blast but everything always gets ruined when drunk white college people are introduced in the mix. Try a hand grenade but don't be fooled by their fruity flavor they are strong.
  • Not for kids!
  • Get out of the Quarter, see the real New Orleans...
  • Looking for a classy breakfast option? Head to the Court of Two Sisters for an excellent jazz brunch!
  • A few faves here: French Market, Southern Candymakers for fudge & the best pralines hands down, Gazebo Cafe for the ice cream daiquiris, Central Grocery for muffulettas, & beignets at Cafe Du Monde.
  • There's only one 'French Quarter' unless ya in da French Qwahtahs'