4 Reasons the Kids’ Table Is Actually Way Better

Don’t You Wish You Were A kid?
Adults Are Boring


Try and snag yourself a seat at the fun table this year.

Throughout your childhood, you always wanted to be included in the adult table. You wanted to drink out of those big fancy glasses filled with grape juice and have everyone listen when you spoke. Now that you’re an adult, a few things have changed, especially the way you view the adult table.

It’s not as fun as it always looked from afar, and you find yourself envying the kids in the corner eating with their hands and drawing pictures of castles. These are some of the many reasons the kids’ table is the best place to be seated at any party.

Activities at the Table     

While you’re surrounded by the same boring conversations and pushing your reheated vegetables across the plate, you can’t help but envy the kids’ table where everyone is drawing pictures and playing games. Sometimes dinner conversations get boring, which is why it’s much more fun to be at the kids’ table, where the guests don’t fill the air with dry conversation. Instead, they create works of art with crayons, and maybe some mashed up peas and carrots.

Adults Are Boring

There’s something about talking to a child that sparks a light of creativity. The way a child thinks makes every conversation more interesting because their responses are never dull. Where you see a wall where you could ask your boss for a raise, they don’t understand why you can’t storm into your boss’ office on a white horse and a sword and demand more of his golden treasure.

Eat with Your Hands

Proper table etiquette is always appreciated at any dinner party, but sometimes we miss those days when we could just eat with our hands and forget our napkins. Kids get a free pass on manners, which can be nice, especially when you don’t feel like putting on your best behavior at the dinner table.

Kids Eat First

This fact may be the ultimate reasons the kids’ table is the place to be. Not only do you get to chow down on your meal first, but your dinner is served to you and you’re never expected to help clear the table or do the dishes. Kids get to eat first at every meal, play with their food, and do whatever they want, making us wish our place card was on the colorful plastic table in the corner this year.

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