For the Chocolate Lover: from 11 Gourmet Gifts for Valentine’s Day (Slideshow)

11 Gourmet Gifts for Valentine’s Day (Slideshow)

Jason Varney
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For the Chocolate Lover:

Almost everyone will be happy to receive chocolate as a Valentine's Day gift, after all who doesn’t like chocolate? At Tradestone Confections you will find a unique selection of artisanal, handcrafted chocolates and gourmet confections brought to you by  restaurateur Chip Roman and Chocolatier Fred Ortega. “We both prize freshness and use local fruits, herbs, and dairy for as many items as possible,” says Chip. “Savory ingredients inspire us and we combine elements that draw flavors out in unexpected ways.”. For their full product, chocolate assortments and specialty seasonal packages – including the Valentine’s Day Assortment visit their site!