Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum

Row 1

203 N Amity St
Baltimore, MD 21223
History Museum, Landmark, Historic Site

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  • Edgar Allan Poe lived here for three years while courting his cousin, whom he later married.
  • Actually located at the corner of Sketch and E
  • Hard to find and not in the best part of town. Not sure I would leave my car. Be careful.
  • Built in 1830, this was once home to the author famous for penning many chilling tales. This house was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1972.
  • Really great that they are keeping it open. Great people operating it. They deserve your support if you make it to Baltimore because this sits in a not so great neighborhood in the city.
  • Hard to find!
  • Just a great place to learn about Edgar Allan Poe
  • It's really tricky to find and not in a great neighborhood, but you're safe...it's daytime and you're likely not trying to infringe on anyone's turf...and it's definitely worth it!
  • A lost tourist asks a local kid where the Poe House is. The kid, being more familiar with the Poe Homes public housing project that bears Poe's name responds,"uh, take your pick!" Season 3 - Episode 2
  • People also believe that Edgar Allan Poe is haunting his Baltimore home as more poltergeist-like activity has occurred in the building including lights flickering and windows slamming open and shut
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  • Would have driven right past were it not for the helpful policeman waving