Eddie's Pizza

2048 Hillside Ave
North New Hyde Park NY 11040
(516) 354-9780
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Ah, the bar pie. Along with grandma pizza, it may be one of the most unappreciated styles of pizza in the Northeast. And Eddie’s Pizza in New Hyde Park is a master of the genre. Established in 1941, Eddie’s doesn’t go overboard on décor or service. This is a bar, and a very unimpressive-looking one from out front at that — you know, the kind at which you really intend to go drink. Not have a drink, but drink. Bar up front, tables in back, pies sent to tables fairly quickly because they’re so thin, moon-crater speckled cheese and grease and meat toppings scattered out to the very edge of a crust barely wide enough for you to get a non-cheese finger-grip. Cracker-thin without being crackery is a cliché when it comes to discussing bar pies — suffice it to say that Eddie’s serves a supremely satisfying thin slice of pizza heaven, especially when laden with more ingredients than it should ever be able to support, as is the case with the Eddie’s Special: sausage, meatball, pepperoni, pepper, mushroom, and onion. — Arthur Bovino, 8/27/2014

Named one of the The Daily Meal's 101 Best Pizzas in America in 2014.

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The Daily Meal Editors and Community Say

Friedneckbones, Staff Writer

Pizza Unleavened. I didn’t know when I walked into Eddie’s Pizza on Hillside Avenue in New Hyde Park that the place was some sort of Happy Days throwback.... Read More

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Foursquare Tips
Milton Shorr
Best bar pie on earth
Thomas O'Toole
Can't go wrong with the bar pie, even the wheat crust.
Steve Reinberg
Excellent as usual
Steve Reinberg
Bar pie is the best !!
Charles Frodella
Get the bar pie:)
Susan Waltke
My favorite place to eat. I have never been disappointed.
Adele G
We had a plain cheese pizza and although I liked the thin crust, I thought the pizza was totally forgettable. This is not a place that we will return to anytime soon.
Sean Williamson
Horrible decor. Bad lighting. Don't get anything with sauce on it. Way too watery and the meatballs have no taste what so ever. Horrible experience. Go somewhere else.
Michael Fischetti
What they call a bar pie, I call a tortilla with sauce and cheese. Probably better drunk. Pass.
Phyllis Waller
I always love to eat at Eddie's!!
Brian Widman
Easily the best pizza ever.
Ginny C
Omg.. Best thin crust pizza I ever had. The bianca bar pie is my fav! Even if the crust is a little burnt it's even better.
Untapped Cities
Open since 1931 this iconic pizza place was featured in 'Entourage'. Following Vince & friends' trouble finding good pizza in LA they have boxes of this NY staple shipped to their LA Mansion.
Jim D
Best pizza in Nassau by far
Talia Goldberg
Eddies is a legend! Get their cracker thin 'bar' pizza, it's what's they're famous for, not your typical slice. They also just opened the first pizza food cart in NYC
John Grenier
Best Fucking pizza lol.
Jason Kanable
Bar pies, nice and crispy wings, california fries....mmm.
Joshua N
Get a pizza here.
Lauren Wilson
Best thin crust bar-pies! And now they've a mobile truck in NYC! Go Eddie's!
Lil Banchik
Ignore the decor, the limited menu (which is printed on the paper place mat) and enjoy the best thin crust pizza in the Tri-State area. It's a paper thin crisp crust topped with anything you want
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