Tom Colicchio from What Famous Chefs Eat on Thanksgiving (Slideshow)

What Famous Chefs Eat on Thanksgiving (Slideshow)

Tom Colicchio
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Tom Colicchio

"It's pretty traditional," Colicchio told us about his Thanksgiving meal. "I do Brussels sprouts with bacon and onions; I do a stuffing that has a lot of fennel and golden raisin bread, pork belly, and lots of breakfast sausage in it; I usually do a roasted mixed root vegetables, with some artichokes, carrots, and some squash. I make a traditional gravy, I make my own cranberry sauce. It's fairly traditional at the Colicchio household."

As for the turkey, Colicchio is against brining. "I think brining dries it out," he said. "I'll have an argument with anybody who wants to have it. I load up a ton of butter and lots of herbs under the skin, and this way it really does self-baste. I like to baste it, once it starts going, every 10 to 15 minutes."