4) Chop Stop from The Ultimate Chopped Salad Chain Showdown (Slideshow)

The Ultimate Chopped Salad Chain Showdown (Slideshow)

Chop Stop
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4) Chop Stop

Skipping to the left coast, Los Angeles boasts its own answer to the chopped salad craze called Chop Stop. Their chicken Caesar will run you $8.49 (we’re guessing they charge extra for the sunny weather?) or you can pick from 13 other pre-planned salads. If you’d rather get more creative, you have four lettuce options and 42 add-ons, including more fruit than any other option (strawberries? Yes please!). You are also allowed to pick six add-ons to start, which seems generous to us! Those wanting light fare would do well to choose the 290-calorie Greek Chop, while those with a heartier appetite might like the 900-calorie Chop-Zilla. A huge point in Chop Stop’s favor is their eco-friendly approach to packaging their food. The salads are packaged in 100 percent compostable containers, the cutlery is made from plant starch, and the to-go bags are Earth-friendly.