10) Washington, D.C. from America's Top 10 Chinatowns (Slideshow)

America's Top 10 Chinatowns (Slideshow)

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10) Washington, D.C.

Immigrants settled into this historic neighborhood in the 1930s, but have now largely moved to the suburbs outside of Washington. The current Chinatown is quite small, lacking the open-air markets and not as bustling compared to many of its counterparts across the nation, but there is interest in the street performances and food value to be had. The Friendship Arch, celebrating the connection with Washington’s sister city of Bejing, signifies the entrance of Chinatown. A few shops and a couple dozen restaurants are worth checking out; even national franchises like Starbucks hang signs with their name in Chinese. It's interesting to note that one of the neighborhood’s restaurants, Wok & Roll, is at a historical site where John Wilkes Booth and his Lincoln assassination conspirators met up when it was a boarding house. Ming's Restaurant has large portions, and Tony Cheng's Seafood Restaurant and Mongolian BBQ offers a popular dim sum menu.