5. Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas from America’s Fattest Cities 2012 Slideshow

America’s Fattest Cities 2012 Slideshow

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5. Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas

Obesity rate: 33.8 percent
Annual obesity-related costs: $182.8 million

Located in southeast Texas, this metro area includes the cities of Beaumont and Port Arthur. Oil is big business for the region, with refineries throughout the area. The metro area has been a major player in the oil industry ever since the Lucas Gusher exploded on Spindletop Hill in 1901.

According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, the metro area could potentially save $101.6 million in medical costs if its obesity rate dropped to 15 percent, instead of the almost 34 percent it has now. Beaumont-Port Arthur is the second most obese metro area in Texas, which has a statewide obesity rate of 31 percent.