Best Beer: Bard's Beer Co. from The 2011 Gluten-Free Awards!

The 2011 Gluten-Free Awards!

Erin Swing

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Best Beer: Bard's Beer Co.

My great uncles were beer barons here in Cincinnati and worked for a local brewery called Hudepohl. I remember when my great uncle, Drew, reintroduced an acclaimed Cincinnati classic brew called Christian Moerlein. Beer was a part of my family’s heritage and legacy. Once I was diagnosed with Celiac, realizing that I couldn’t drink beer almost gave me an identity crisis — thank goodness for Bard’s. A great, simple brew made from sorghum with nice slightly bitter, skunky notes, and a malty character. To top it off, they have fun and somewhat odd conversational starters on the underside of the caps. This one said, “Would hamsters prefer little rowing machines?” Honorable mentions go out to Redbridge Beer (Budweiser) and Green’s Endeavor