Chick-fil-A from 10 Food and Drink Purveyors Who Serve Up Their Beliefs (Slideshow)

10 Food and Drink Purveyors Who Serve Up Their Beliefs (Slideshow)

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To begin with, the more than 1,500 outlets of the country’s premier family-owned fast-food business, specializing in fried skinless, boneless chicken breast sandwiches with pickles on soft buttery buns — crunchy, peppery, addictive — are closed on Sundays, so you know they're serious about their Christianity. Founder S. Truett Cathy endowed the WinShape Foundation (“to shape winners”), whose activities include outdoor camps that “impact young people and families through experiences which enhance their Christian faith, character, and relationships” and host "marriage-enrichment retreats, along with business and church-related conferences.” In recent years, a number of equal rights organizations have criticized Chick-fil-A for its alleged support of those strongly opposed to same-sex marriage — though company president Don Cathy, Truett's son, has publicly stressed that all people are treated with respect by the restaurant.