10. Columbia Gorge from The Store-Bought Green Juice Taste Test Slideshow

The Store-Bought Green Juice Taste Test Slideshow

Jane Bruce
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10. Columbia Gorge

80 calories, 8 grams sugar, 740 milligrams potassium, 4 grams protein per serving (12 fluid ounces)

Overall, no one liked this green juice. What started as a fully organic farm in 1989 has developed into a larger food and drink brand, Columbia Gorge. The label of the juice explains the process of juicing kale and celery, and then adding coconut water from Sri Lanka, but unfortunately it didn’t appeal to our tasters' taste buds. At all. The look of the juice was described as "separated" and "thin." The taste was described as, well, "watery, not a lot of flavor," and "slimy." Some of our tasters even spit this one out. This juice sells for about $4.50 at Whole Foods and other markets, but you might just want to invest in the individual ingredients to make it yourself.