More Coffee and Tea

Whether it’s just mildly irritating or painfully distressing, when there’s a battle going on in your stomach, all you can do is look for a quick solution to settle it.

Did you buy that bottled iced tea because you thought it would be a smart idea to drink something rich with vitamins and antioxidants?

What is it about the perfect cup of coffee that gets us out of our homes and into our favorite local coffee shop? Is it the artisanal, hand-roasted beans?

It’s common knowledge now that tea — green, white, oolong, etc.


Whether dark roast, light roast, with milk, or black, no matter how you take your morning cup, you are part of a worldwide community of java drinkers that have made coffee one of the world’s top-tr

Coutume coffee

Paris has never had a reputation for serving the best coffee drinks in Europe; that title is usually reserved for the espresso capital of the world: Italy.

Coffee Milkshakes

One of the things that is always a problem in our house is leftover coffee. My husband makes a whole pot in the morning and there is nearly always at least a cup or two leftover.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee