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Luksosowa Vodka
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Dad — Luksusowa Vodka

Fathers are a royal pain to shop for, aren't they? By the time they hit 50 or 60, they never really need anything they wouldn't just as soon buy for themselves. At this point, it’s best to get the old man his standard fare, and for mine that's this Polish vodka made from potatoes instead of the usual grain. Crisp, but with a side-of-your-tongue bite, Luksusowa dives smoothly into the Screwdrivers my dad loves, and it's cheaper than many other potato vodkas. Whenever I come home for a visit, the second I set down my bags he asks, "Would you like a cocktail?" by which he means, "Would you like a vodka and whatever fruit juice(s) I have at the moment?" With a bottle of Luksusowa in the freezer, you bet I would.