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You love beer. You love ice pops in the summer. So naturally, you will love beer in your ice pops. 

Despite the huge growth of canning craft beer in the industry, beer lovers still want to debate what tastes better: canned b

Beer is by far one of the most widely consumed beverages by men and women around

There’s that moment when you try a better beer, a beer that’s not your average Coors/Bud/Pabst, and you’re hooked. Not everyone may remember exactly where, or when.

20 Weirdest Beer Flavors

Beer is undoubtedly one of America’s favorite drinks. It’s the perfect thirst-quencher after a hot day in the sun, and the ideal drink to casually sip on Sunday while you’re watching the big game.

It's a victory moment for the guys and gals in the craft beer business who are hoping that their dedication to a great beer will pay off.

America is finally starting to see some side effects of the government shutdown in its second week, in an area near and dear to Americans' hearts: beer.

Despite the huge craft beer movement, it seems like the most popu