3 Things to Eat Before You Go Out Drinking

Avoid a hangover with a hearty meal

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Headed out for a night of drinking? Fill up on carbs.

Setting out for a long night of drinking? Everyone has their own tactics on how to cure a hangover, but why not take the proper precautions to avoid it in the first place? Hangovers are the absolute worst, but avoiding them isn’t too tough.

In order to stay away from unproductive days filled with headaches and nausea, dodging a hangover begins with one thing: your dinner.

When it comes to the harmful effects alcohol has on your body, carbs are your best friend. Whether it be pasta, pizza, or a bowl or rice, meals like these are more likely to help with the absorption of alcohol than anything else. This way, your body isn’t running on just booze.

Fearful of the morning after? Try these three recipes that are filled with carbs and always remember to hydrate!

Fried Rice

When it comes to rice recipes, you’ll want to keep it simple. This recipe makes two servings, but if you’re bar hopping all night we suggest you cook the whole thing for yourself.

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Spicy Sausage and Ricotta Pizza Recipe.

Homemade pizza is easier than you think. Skip ordering in and try making this spicy sausage recipe that will cost you just $8.97. (More money to spend on booze later, right?)

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Spaghetti alla Carbonara

We know the name sounds fancy, but this recipe will only take you 15 minutes to prepare. With pasta noodles, plenty of cream, and bacon, this recipe contains enough carb and high-calorie ingredients to make you feel like a million bucks the morning after.

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