25 Best Dive Bars in America 2015 from 25 Best Dive Bars in America 2015 Slideshow

25 Best Dive Bars in America 2015 Slideshow

Ravi Bangaroo

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25 Best Dive Bars in America 2015

Even though we’ve rounded up the best dives before, the stories, drink prices, and crazy characters from these places are so unique that we had to do it again. Now, we’re excited to announce our 2015 edition of America’s 25 Best Dive Bars

In order to compile our list, we rounded up a short list of more than 100 of the ultimate dive bars in America and ranked them based off of four categories we thought defined what makes a bar a dive: First, they had to have a jukebox (a good jukebox). Then, we checked to see if they have ultimate “time-wasters,” such as pool, darts, or karaoke. Next, we took a look at food and drink prices. And finally we considered that intangible, overall character. Using these criteria, we narrowed the number down to 25.74

This year’s results included bars from all over the country, ranging from places as far apart as Third Street Dive in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Salty Dawg Saloon, in Homer, Alaska. Our top five spots alone include cities from almost every region in the United States.

A true dive bar will have the cheapest beers in town, a clientele of colorful (sometimes questionable) characters, and something a little quirky to set it apart. Read on to see our list of America’s best dive bars for 2015.