12 Flavored Beers That Shouldn't Exist from 12 Flavored Beers That Shouldn't Exist

12 Flavored Beers That Shouldn't Exist


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12 Flavored Beers That Shouldn't Exist

Over the past five years, fusion foods and drinks have gotten completely out of control. The concept of fusion food no longer stops at fast food menus or one-of-a-kind bakery combinations like the cronut that  you can only get in certain cities. The everything-has-to-be everything-else fad has now taken over even the simplest, most everyman of products: beer.

If you’re not into these sorts of things and you’re content with sipping on your classic can of Budweiser, so be it. In fact, you may be smarter than you realize, because we believe that the food-fusion trend has created an overabundance of flavor ideas that are well, flat-out fails. Call these fusion beers call them creative, call them original — whatever you call them, it doesn’t mean they were good ideas, or that they even taste good!

Using sweets and spices in drinks is relatively normal. But when breweries turn food flavors into drinks, things can start to get strange. Take beers flavored with avocado, coconut curry, ice cream, and ham for example. There are some flavors that are excellent as foods that just aren’t meant to be beers.

If you’re an adventurous food- and drink-fusion fanatic read on for a roundup of some of the weirdest beer flavors around. Do they taste good? You can be the judge, but some of these beers are so strange, they should probably just shouldn’t exist.