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Culinary Optics: Ilva Beretta in the Studio Slideshow

Ilva Beretta
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The Daily Meal: How did you get into photography? Do you have a degree or are you self-taught?

Ilva Beretta: I have no formal training in photography; I am self-taught. I have had to work really hard and there were periods during which I practiced almost fanatically, there is so much to learn. I have always been taking photos. I remember my parents giving me a Kodak Instamatic when I was twelve and, apart from a period in my twenties, I have always had a camera. Food photography really grew out of my passion for food and cooking. In 2005 I started a food blog on a whim, using a really crappy camera and without any real notion of what shooting food was like. The blog changed my point of view; from being a place to write and share recipes it became a means of expressing myself visually, something I had felt the need to do for a long time but I hadn’t found the right niche for me. I have been lucky enough to make it my full-time profession, lucky because I can earn my living from it and lucky because I have found the right job for me! But I am still learning and evolving; I learn from my mistakes and experiments but I also learn a lot when I work and by looking at and analyzing images by other photographers, both bad and good.