Ramen Burger Bun Recipe from 5 Trendy Burger Recipes (Slideshow)

5 Trendy Burger Recipes (Slideshow)

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Ramen Burger Bun Recipe

When "Go Ramen" food blogger Keizo Shimamoto debuted his Ramen Burger creation at Smorgasburg this summer, people took notice. His invention features two ramen noodle buns as the main attraction, with a shoyu-seasoned burger patty topped with arugula and green onions. Although it’s often assumed that Shimamoto merely used ramen noodles straight out of the packet, the recipe is a little more complicated — and the chef has yet to reveal his secret formula. Knowing that making the ramen "bun" involves cooking the noodles, we took a stab at recreating this burger at home, mixing them with an egg, and then pan-frying them. 

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