Coffee Trivia: All About Your Caffeinated Cup

Barista headaches, the cost of specialty drinks, and cheating coffee drinkers (really) — we have it all

It's almost National Coffee Day, and we have the breakdown of your pour-over cup in the morning, Starbucks trips, and the need for caffeine. 

Thanks to some surveys from Nescafé and the Ashley Madison website (yes, really), the findings about your daily caffeine buzz may surprise you. 

From Nescafé's survey: 

• Americans spend more than $400 per year on "specialty" coffee drinks: the equivalent of a six-night Carnival Cruise. 

• One in three specialty coffee drinkers have gotten an eye roll from a barista just for making a special request in their order.

• On average, specialty coffee drinkers spend seven minutes per day in line waiting for their drinks — or 2,555 minutes per year. That’s almost two entire days each year spent looking at the back of a stranger’s head. 

• No surprise here: 92 percent of specialty coffee drinkers feel that beverages at coffee shops are overpriced!

• Two out of five coffee drinkers incorrectly think that a cupcake has more calories than their specialty café drink.

From the Ashley Madison website:

The extramarital website,, surveyed 12,000 "straying spouses" and found that 84 percent of them were "coffee fiends." The average member on the site drinks about 4 1/2 cups per day, and prefers their coffee black. "Cheating hearts seem to run on caffeine, needing to be stimulated in more ways than one," said Noel Biderman, founder and CEO of, in a release. Thanks for the advice — now we know what to look out for.

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MikeBudd's picture

This made me laugh first: "Cheating hearts seem to run on caffeine, needing to be stimulated in more ways than one" until I remembered that my beloved wife also loves black coffee and drinks 4 to 5 cups per day!
Anyway I love black coffee too...

Seriously now: with friends doctors we did a recent overview of the risks and benefits of caffeine and our conclusion has been that coffee is great.. in moderation! Why do so many people drink decaffeinated coffee then? We have tried to explain it through the methodology of medical studies, explaining why we have no medical evidence with some of them:

I hope that you will enjoy the cute "hand made" pictures explaining the cohort/case-controlled/cross-sectional studies compared to the RCT ;)

Cheers, Mike


We need to be more aware that caffeine causes/exacerbates anxiety and other mental health condition.

Just read the 170+ pages of comments of people trying to get off caffeine here;
And the research referenced here;

Many people feel they cannot 'get going' in the morning without caffeine; in reality they are just experiencing withdrawal from not having ingested any over the previous hours.

A key point is the research showing anxiety sufferers can be very sensitive to caffeine; some people think 'it can't be the caffeine, I only have 1 cup a day', but for them that could be the key issue in their anxiety. 

Withdrawal is not easy (especially first 2 weeks, when anxiety actually goes up), but is possible.

How about cutting all caffeine for 30 days and seeing how you feel? Like this lady here is doing;

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