Sweet, New Attraction Opens in China

Looking for a sweet attraction in Shanghai, China? Well, look no further than the recently opened M&M’s World, a sight that is choc-full of over-the-top flair. This past Tuesday, August 12... read more

Seattle Museum Serves Elevated Cuisine

Let’s face it: museum food isn’t exactly held in high regard. It tends to be overpriced and just plain bad, but all that exploring and museum wandering often leaves us hungry and... read more

Things You Should Never Be Able to Buy in a Vending Machine

vending machines
For most of us, a vending machine is a quick and convenient dispenser of chips, candy, and soda, a welcome source of familiar packaged snacks or beverages in schools, offices, and waiting rooms... read more

6 Gluten-Free Restaurants in America

Gluten free. These are two words that are popping up on menus all across the States as more and more travelers are popping seeking gluten-free dietary options. Traveling with food restrictions and... read more

Drunk Munchies Around the World

drunk food
Happy hours after work, beers during sporting events, boozy weekend brunches and birthday drinks — the world’s drinking culture is one that seems to transcend cultural, geographical and... read more

NORTH Food Festival Returns to New York with New Events

NORTH Food Festival
Following last year’s success, the Nordic Food Festival NORTH is returning to New York for the week of September 12 to 20, bringing exclusive Nordic dinners and cooking classes to the city.... read more

How to Spend 12 Hours in Portland

Portland, Oregon
One of the things I most adored about Portland, Oregon, is that the entire city feels like one long Main Street. What's more is that this charming town can be considered one of the true stars of... read more

Pharrell 'Happy' About His New Tokyo Burger

Pharrell Williams
Have you ever found yourself walking into a McDonald's at 6 .a.m, trying to order that burger your mouth is watering for only to be told you could only order items off the breakfast menu? Well,... read more