Best Burgers in London

Best Burgers
Catherine Laws is a contributing writer to The Daily Meal.  There is nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a juicy burger smothered in cheese, topped with lettuce and fresh tomatoes all... read more

5 Bites of Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island
In the height of the summer, Newport, Rhode Island is a bustling, charming town on the water, filled with breathtaking views enjoyed by some of the East Coast’s wealthiest tourists and... read more

Pericles’ Wine Cup Believed to be Found in Athens

Athens is known to be one of the more historic places travelers can visit, and it just became all the more historical. A cup believed to have been used by Classical Greek statesman Pericles has been... read more

Drinking History: The 15 Oldest Bars in the World

Oldest Bars
It’s not unusual to pass a bar these days with a front sign that says “Est. 2014.” You want to be able to go up to the owners of that bar and tell them that it’s not... read more

Singapore’s Airport Cooks Up Street Food Fare

Singapore Changi Airport
Did you love that Singapore street food that the country is so famously known for? Sad you couldn’t indulge in one more helping of nasi lemak or one more chopstick full of the most perfectly... read more

Best Burgers in Sydney

Best Burgers
Looking for the best burgers in Sydney? It won’t be a hard mission given the recent burger craze that has swept through the city, but it has made the search for the best burgers in town more... read more

Stone Brewing Co. Turns its Taps to Europe

Stone Brewing Co. – Berlin
One U.S. craft brewery is taking on the fatherland of beer. California-based Stone Brewing Co. announced on Monday its plans to open Stone Brewing Co. – Berlin, a production brewery and... read more

Forget Pizza, You Can Get McDonald’s Delivered in Australia

In Melbourne, Australia, it just got a whole lot easier to get satisfy your Big Mac craving. Now you don’t even have to go outside! Meet McDelivery, the McDonald’s takeout delivery... read more