Chocolate and Peanut Butter Trailbars

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Trailbars
Staff Writer

Gina Baker

.Many athletes will quickly recite to you their favorite protein or energy bar. While this one has not been sent to a lab or tested for performance, after many iterations this bar has become a favorite. I hope you love the divine combination of peanut butter and chocolate. After all, what’s not to love?


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Press mixture into a lightly greased 9 inch by 13 inch pan. Bake for 15 minutes. Remove from the oven, sprinkle the chocolate chips over the mixture and return to the oven for 2 minutes. Finish by spreading the softened chocolate chips into a thin layer covering the bars.


*Recommended to use fair trade chocolate


Calories per serving:

221 calories

Dietary restrictions:

Balanced, Low Sodium Kidney Friendly, Vegetarian, Egg Free, Soy Free, Fish Free, Shellfish Free, Pork Free, Alcohol Free, Kosher

Daily value:



  • Fat 11g 17%
  • Carbs 27g 9%
  • Saturated 4g 18%
  • Fiber 3g 11%
  • Trans 0g
  • Sugars 12g
  • Monounsaturated 4g
  • Polyunsaturated 2g
  • Protein 6g 12%
  • Cholesterol 6mg 2%
  • Sodium 59mg 2%
  • Calcium 37mg 4%
  • Magnesium 51mg 13%
  • Potassium 175mg 5%
  • Iron 1mg 7%
  • Zinc 1mg 7%
  • Phosphorus 124mg 18%
  • Vitamin A 14µg 2%
  • Vitamin C 0mg 0%
  • Thiamin (B1) 0mg 10%
  • Riboflavin (B2) 0mg 9%
  • Niacin (B3) 2mg 9%
  • Vitamin B6 0mg 4%
  • Folic Acid (B9) 26µg 6%
  • Vitamin B12 0µg 0%
  • Vitamin D 0µg 0%
  • Vitamin E 2mg 9%
  • Vitamin K 1µg 1%
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