Chipotle Turkey Chili Recipe

Chipotle Turkey Chili Recipe
Chili powder


Chili powder

I am kind of a baby when it comes to spicy food. So, I felt really adventurous when I decided to make this turkey chili with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. (Get a can of that stuff, taste it, and tell me that’s not spicy...)

I’ve made turkey chili before, but always with a kitchen sink-type list of ingredients (Extra celery? Throw it in there...), so this time I wanted to go in streamlined and with a kick. The crunch and sweetness of corn really works with the smoky kick of the adobo sauce and the hit of spice you get when you bite into a little piece of chipotle pepper. I used organic, no-salt-added tomato soup instead of stock, which I find can make a chili too runny. Plus, the extra tomato flavor adds a light richness to the base of the chili.

Okay, enough waxing poetic — go forth with this spicy (for me) turkey chili. Serve with cornbread hot from the oven!

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Note: I prefer cannellini beans, but you could substitute kidney, black, navy, or pinto beans for them, whichever you like best. Also, the corn can be removed with no major change of flavors — it just makes the whole thing taste lighter and almost summery, so if you want hearty and comforting, maybe leave it out.


Drizzle a small amount of olive oil in the bottom of a large pot over medium heat. Season the ground turkey with salt and pepper, breaking up the meat with your hands, and add it into the pot. Cook until there’s no pink left on the meat, about 8 minutes, then put the turkey into a bowl and set aside.

Add the onion and garlic to the pot, and cook until the onions are translucent, about 6-7 minutes. Season with additional salt and pepper, to taste. Add the chipotle peppers and reserved adobo sauce, stir well, and add the turkey back in. Then, add the cumin, chili powder, tomato paste, and crushed tomatoes, and stir well to combine.

Add the tomato soup, scraping everything from the bottom of the pan, and simmer together for about 20 minutes. Add the canned beans and corn and cook until just warmed through, roughly 8 minutes. Season with additional salt, pepper, or chili powder, to taste, and serve immediately.


Calories per serving:

240 kcal

Daily value:



  • Carbohydrate, by difference 14 g
  • Protein 24 g
  • Total lipid (fat) 11 g
  • Vitamin A, IU 397 IU
  • Vitamin A, RAE 42 µg
  • Vitamin B-12 1 µg
  • Vitamin B-6 1 mg
  • Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid 15 mg
  • Vitamin D 20 IU
  • Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 1 mg
  • Vitamin K (phylloquinone) 5 µg
  • Alanine 1 g
  • Arginine 2 g
  • Ash 3 g
  • Aspartic acid 2 g
  • Betaine 8 mg
  • Calcium, Ca 63 mg
  • Carotene, beta 104 µg
  • Cholesterol 84 mg
  • Choline, total 71 mg
  • Fatty acids, total monounsaturated 4 g
  • Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated 3 g
  • Fatty acids, total saturated 3 g
  • Fiber, total dietary 2 g
  • Folate, DFE 20 µg
  • Folate, food 18 µg
  • Folate, total 19 µg
  • Folic acid 1 µg
  • Fructose 2 g
  • Glucose (dextrose) 2 g
  • Glutamic acid 4 g
  • Glycine 1 g
  • Histidine 1 g
  • Iron, Fe 3 mg
  • Isoleucine 1 g
  • Leucine 2 g
  • Lutein + zeaxanthin 124 µg
  • Lycopene 3830 µg
  • Lysine 2 g
  • Magnesium, Mg 43 mg
  • Methionine 1 g
  • Niacin 7 mg
  • Pantothenic acid 1 mg
  • Phenylalanine 1 g
  • Phosphorus, P 252 mg
  • Potassium, K 676 mg
  • Proline 1 g
  • Retinol 31 µg
  • Selenium, Se 22 µg
  • Serine 1 g
  • Sodium, Na 324 mg
  • Sugars, total 7 g
  • Threonine 1 g
  • Tyrosine 1 g
  • Valine 1 g
  • Vitamin D (D2 + D3) 1 µg
  • Water 199 g
  • Zinc, Zn 3 mg
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