Children of the World Dream of Peace

Row 1

Denver International Airport
Denver, CO 80249

Foursquare Tips

  • Protip: flag down a TSA rep and ask them about the "secret portal". Most fun I've had dimension-crossing into a rainbow-fueled Nazi-apocalypse since last year's fight with a robotic Miles Davis.
  • Little known fact: Colorado was once filled with jaguars, penguins, and sea turtles until they were wiped out by the little Danish girl portrayed jn the coffin.
  • Please don't kill me with your laser beam eyes, Hell Horse!!
  • If you become the mayor, your soul gets trapped in the coffin and you are damned to walk the underground baggage tunnels until the apocalypse or until the scary blue demon Bronco is taken down.
  • Get close to see it
  • Ask security about the bunkers
  • If you stare at it too long a TSA rep wisks you away and they show you this flashy pen thingy and you forget everything.
  • This is a nice place 2 go 2 & see a mural.
  • Awww, someone changed the name from "Creepy Apocalyptic Mural." This is a happier name, I suppose... and the mural still has the same great messages: peace and conservation or we'll destroy ourselves!
  • Don't forget to find the gargoyl
  • Make sure to notice these on the way to baggage claim - they're one of the many strange things going on at DIA
  • F_ck this ....super creepy. I find this mural gorgeous, cryptic all at once.
  • Weirdest welcome home ever.
  • scratch your head and wonder "WTF, mate?"
  • Awesome! Ha ha!
  • Read dia conspiracy story
  • Painted by Leo tanguma - he's a great man!