Chefs' 5 Favorite Kitchen Tools

We asked 13 chefs what tools they couldn’t live without.

Time to play What Would You Take with You on a Deserted Island? The essential kitchen tools edition. We asked 13 chefs what kitchen equipment they couldn't live without to find both surprising and expected answers. 

The tools that chefs use to create their food dictates to a certain extent the type of cuisine that they create: whether it's exact and detailed food that's made by chef Tony Conte using a pressure cooker or a more home-grown and comforting type of food made by chefs like Gabrielle Hamilton who prefers her two hands before anything else. The choices that the following chefs made indicate to some level their approach and attitude toward cooking. It also shows which chefs are up on their social media efforts

Let us know what tools you couldn’t live without. Me? My mortar and pestle, for sure.

Click here to see the Chefs' 5 Favorite Kitchen Tools Gallery.


In the same vein, we recently posted an article about the 50 Most Important Inventions (and Discoveries) in Food and Drink that includes many of the tools listed below. For kicks and giggles, make sure to check out our list of inventions we didn’t need

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you people missed the question. what would take to a deserted island!!!
one if it's deserted,there is no power to run any of the electrical tools you mentioned go with knives, pots with lid, fire starters, spoon (it will act as a fork, spoon and knife for eating on the lid of the pot which will be your plate) and last but for sure, a siginal mirror to save your sorry ass for getting on the island

Mr. Avocado's picture

Mr. Avocado's Top 5 Kitchen Tools (selected from this story)

people (chat it up), blender (mix it up), skillet (fry it up),
chef's knife (slice it up), tv (to watch the game(s)) *

* added by Mr. Avocado

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