For the past three years I have searched for the commonality of celiac disease. I looked at the genetic changes we have made to wheat at the research center that was built in the 1950's, in Mexico. I looked at age, sex, race, and everything I could think of. In my nutritional biochemistry text book I finally found that if the pH in our stomach, at the time of digestion, is not low enough, we will not unfold the wheat protein called gluten. It will then go directly through the stomach wall into our blood stream, and later clump to form plaque. The normal pH of our stomach is a range of 1-4, and only in the lower range is the protein able to completely unfold. In other animals, such as cows, when proteins do not fully unfold, it causes a diseases called "mad cow" or BSE.
Because the inability to digest wheat is so prevalent in the worlds populations, I will be reading more on this subject. The implications could be vast and it is a subject that has not been studied as fully as it should be. For me and all the people who have had extreme digestion/gut problems, this will indeed be good to understand and "cure".

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