Wednesday Is Burger Day at Four Seasons Atlanta’s Burger Bar

A review of Burger Bar at Four Seasons Atlanta
At Four Seasons Atlanta's 'Burger Bar' it's all about the burger.

Now, before you go getting all bent out of shape at the thought of a casual burger at the Four Seasons Atlanta, relax, breathe, and by all means keep your shirt on!

Every Wednesday, starting at 11:30 a.m., with the last seating at 1:30 p.m., the second-story bar adjacent to Park 75 restaurant is converted into a well-lit burger joint. Chalk board menus — one for burgers, one for sides, and a third for shakes — are placed on the counter behind the bar. A side bar of assorted ice teas and a strawberry lemonade, as well as a cooler full of brewskis and imported U.S.-brand sodas (that use cane sugar as opposed to that high-fructose stuff sold throughout the country) provides an as-close-as-possible diner-esque décor, with a very casual, very friendly staff to serve.

An ever-changing weekly selection of burgers to choose from makes it possible to for you to luck into a week when the kind kitchen staff is in the mood to grind up a limited number of burgers from short rib, skirt, and top round meat. There may even be a turkey or veggie burger on the menu. Beyond the tame to exotic experience in terms of accompaniments, you just never know what’s to be discovered each Wednesday on the $12 burger menu.

The TD American Burger includes mushrooms, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, American cheese, and a spicy mayo as the most basic menu offering. For the more daring palate, the Creole King Burger — a Cajun spiced burger with a heap of crawfish remoulade, lettuce and tomatoes — may be the perfect afternoon escape to NOLA. In case you didn’t get enough of summer, the Cool Runnings Burger, with jerk rub and a rum mango salad, could deliver you to the aqua blue shores of Jamaica. And the Spicy Latin Burger with corn-pepper-onion with guacamole is so beautifully Sofia Vergara. While the choice remains yours whether to strip down and go basic, or with any of the chef’s special offerings, the burger is definitely the basis of it all. Beautifully charred on the outside, bursting with juice the moment you bite into the moist and tender roll, it’s like heaven in a bun.

At $3 per, the sides du jour could include crispy Loaded Tots of bacon, cheese, and chives; crunchy fried green tomatoes (that somehow remain juicy inside); the Confederate favorite of fried pickles — also known as "frickles" — or for a truly indulgent experience on a day when you know you’ll be hitting the gym afterward: baked mac and cheese.

Speaking of decadence, nothing goes better with a burger than a shake. At $5, Arctic Orange will take you back to the days of childhood when the ice cream man rolled through the neighborhood with Popsicles coated in orange sherbet and a vanilla ice cream filling — you know, the one you could never get enough of. You can keep it Georgia with a Georgia Peach Shake or stray to strawberry. You may even get lucky and find the Snickers Shake for the taking. Again, just be prepared to hit the gym afterward.

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