British Politician Fights Against Heineken as Olympic Beer

The Brits are upset that a UK brew isn't the official Olympic Games beer

Many people are against the McDonald's sponsorship for the London Olympic Games coming up at the end of the month, but it's not just the food that's making Brits unhappy. Now, one British politician is taking on a new bill to reject Heineken as the official Olympic beer.

Reports Fox News, Greg Mulholland, the chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Save the Pub Group, is spearheading a motion in the British parliament condeming the Dutch beer. Mulholland believes the Olympic committee should have picked a beer at least brewed in the U.K. to represent the games. (Or at least a better-tasting one.) He writes on his website, "Beer is the U.K.'s national drink, and the country has a strong and ancient tradition of brewing... By choosing a mass-produced, bland foreign lager, the committee has ignored all the wonderful, traditional beers that the U.K. has to offer and instead gone for the company with the biggest [checkbook]."

Heineken isn't taking the insult lying down: the company released two separate statements, one to The Drinks Business and one to The Guardian, defending its stance as the official Olympic beer. Heineken said it was proud to have been chosen as the official beer for the games, "building on an association that goes back 20 years." It then told the Guardian that it would also sell British-brewed beers at the games: the "nation's favorite ale," John's Smith, and Strongbow cider. If anything, maybe people should protest the outrageously high prices for an Olympic beer: £4.20 for a 330-milliliter bottle.

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Just more Olympic bullshit as it has morphed into a giant profit machine.
Mitt Romney saved it, allegedly, in Utah. Look for his portrait in the SLC Great Hall of Tithing Giants. He only needed the money from demolishing corporations and destroying a few hundred thousand people.


Just more Olympics bullshit. It lost its way long since when it became a huge profit machine. Of course Mitt Romney helped keep it alive in Utah - funny thing. Watch for his plaque in the great hall of tithing champions from money made off of demolishing jobs and destroying careers and evading taxes.

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