BK Extends Chicken Fries Brand to Rings

BK Extends Chicken Fries Brand to Rings
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Burger King is the royalty of line extensions. It has revived the Whopper franchise a hundredfold with new or semi-new versions. It’s doing the same now with the Chicken Fries brand it first introduced in 2005. They were gone in 2012; back s an LTO in August 2014; then permanently back in March 2015. We’ve seen Fiery Chicken Fries, (August 2015), Buffalo Chicken Fries (October 2015) and Jalapeňo Chicken Fries.

Now comes a shift in format with Chicken Fries Rings, introduced as an LTO. Suggested price is $2.89 for a six-piece order. Burger King also is bringing back its 10-for-$1.49 chicken nugget offer.

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Jack in the Box is testing English Muffin breakfast sandwiches, according to Brandeating. The Dallas test involves Black Forest Ham & Cheddar and Smoked Gouda & Bacon varieties.

In case you missed it, Carl’s Jr. has a new breakfast sandwich carrier: an Auntie Anne’s soft pretzel roll for its Pretzel Breakfast Sandwich (with eggs, sausage and American and Swiss cheeses).


The NPD Group reports that foodservice visits by Hispanics rose by 1% to 10.5 billion last year, while the overall customer count was flat. Hispanic consumers index higher for quick-service visits and under-index for visits to full-service restaurants.

Hispanic consumers are more likely to visit a chain brand than an independent, choosing chains 74% of the time (compared with 60% for non-Hispanics. Hispanics also are more likely to dine out with children (42% of occasions) than are non-Hispanics (30%).

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