Best Vanilla Milkshake Recipes | Vanilla Milkshake Recipe Ideas

Grandma's Treat Spiked Milkshake
This popular spiked milkshake, on the menu at BLT Burger restaurants, features bourbon, caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream. What a treat indeed.
Have you ever added gin or basil to your ice cream treat? With basil, puréed strawberry, and vanilla ice cream, this is like the strawberry milkshake of your dreams. This recipe was created by Adam Willinger of The Blind Rabbit.
There’s nothing better than ending your Thanksgiving meal with a slice of warm pumpkin pie and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. But as Fall comes around and Starbucks comes out with their pumpkin spiced latte, it got us...
Enjoy a cool sweet treat by the fire after dinner. This toasted marshmallow milkshake is perfect to serve at a burger bash.
Yes, we absolutely need this: National IPA Day is on Thursday, and 5 Napkin Burger is offering an IPA Blondie Milkshake featuring Vanilla Ice Cream with Firestone Union Jack IPA, homemade butterscotch, and a hop-infused blondie brownie. To recreate your...
Brandy Alexander at the Brandy Library in New York.
A sweet, creamy cocktail with cultural references as wide-ranging as Three’s Company and Mad Men . An affectionate nickname the likes of “milkshake.” A day (January 31) on the food and drink holiday calendar dedicated to its existence. You’d think...
It may sound crazy to put bacon in your oatmeal raisin cookies, but you’ll soon see why we do it at Hot Cakes. Bacon paired with its breakfast counterparts oatmeal and raisins creates the perfect cookie, with hints of savory...
Black and White Malted Icebox Cake
Jessie’s love of Whoppers (and extra-thick malted milkshakes ) inspired this cake . Malt alone gives vanilla a creamy, slightly nutty dimension, and is also the perfect foil to the sweetness of milk chocolate . — Jean Sagendorph and Jessie...
In just three easy steps, you'll have a delicious Vanilla Milkshake!!!
A very simple recipe for a vanilla milkshake.