Best Thai Recipes

Shopping Tips

To find the ingredients you need to cook Southeast Asian cuisine, try to find specialty grocery stores in the Asian neighborhoods in your town.

Cooking How-tos

Southeast Asian Cuisine is about the balance of flavors between sweet and sour; hot and mild. When working with Asian chiles, the smaller ones are usually spicier. Handle with caution and care.

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This is an adopted recipe that I have not yet had time to prepare. The original poster's comments are as follows: "This is my favorite version of Pad Thai. It's a wonderful mix of flavors - the sweetness is nicely contrasted with the tartness of the limes and red chilis.
Phat Thai (Pad Thai) recipe. Ready In: 1 hr Makes 2 servings 387 per serving Ingredients: rice noodles, vegetable oil, garlic, shrimp, egg, fish sauce, sugar, bean sprouts