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Beautiful cookies shaped and colored to look just like strawberries. Pefect for spring festivals and holidays.
Flavorful dessert!!
Strawberry- Strawberry-Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Basil Smoothie
What better way to celebrate strawberry season and smoothie season than with this delicious strawberry smoothie? A touch of basil and honey gives this smoothie a little extra freshness. Click here for more Greek yogurt recipes .
Mid-afternoon can be lackluster in the energy department, but this recipe loaded with almond butter and honey will help you get through it.
French Toast
French toast is a classic, easy brunch dish everyone should know how to make. This recipe is jazzed up with strawberries and chopped hazelnuts. Click here for 6 Sweet and Savory Strawberry Recipes.
Strawberry-Ginger Honeyed Yogurt
Creamy Greek yogurt makes a delectable breakfast base after it’s sweetened with honey and spiced with ginger. Fresh strawberries bring the taste of spring and summer and the mint garnish refreshes the palate after your last bite. This recipe comes...
This recipe is an adaptation of strawberry shortcake using store-bought angel food cake. It's incredibly light, fluffy, and summery, even though it was a bit of a challenge to whip up the cream in my 90 degree apartment.
This is a delicious and healthy strawberry margarita from , a leader in health and wellness for the young, savvy, and social. This berry-delicious drink is made with fresh strawberries, an excellent source of vitaminc C, fiber, and antioxidants,...
Rosewater Strawberry Honey Smoothie
I love the delicate notes of rose combined with the sweet-tart strawberries and cherries. The inventor of this recipe calls it “queen-like and ethereal.” Click here to see Smoothies for Clearer Skin. Adapted from Strawberry Rose Smoothie on .
Steak with Strawberry-Balsamic Salsa
This steak with strawberry-balsamic salsa is the perfect sweet-savory combination for your next outdoor barbecue. Serve with a summer slaw or chunky potato salad and a glass of light, juicy red wine. See all salsa recipes . Click here for...
Muffin with jam
Delightful strawberry-studded muffins get a bright boost thanks to fresh lemon zest. Adapted from Ina Garten's Tri-Berry Muffin recipes, these are enjoyed best served at room temperature with fresh butter and jam. — Allison Beck
We all could cut back on the calories over the summer — especially with grilling — and this recipe makes it easy by giving a huge serving of flavor without the guilt.