Stir Fry

Stir Fry

What is Stir Fry?

Stir-fry is a term that refers both to a style of cooking and a type of dish. The method is quick and uses a minimal amount of oil, and the ingredients are generally simple to prepare. This versatile technique involves quickly cooking bite-sized pieces of vegetables and meat in a wok and finishing with a quick sauce, sometimes thickened with cornstarch or flour.

Stir Fry Shopping Tips

Staples of Asian cuisine such as ginger, daikon, rice vinegar, and spicy chile sauces like Sriracha add bright, fresh flavors without lots of fuss.

Stir Fry Cooking How-Tos

Sriracha has good heat but also has flavor - its mild sweetness comes from sun-ripened chile peppers as well as sugar and garlic.

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