Best Simmered Recipes - The Daily Meal

Creamy Garlic Soup
Garlic enthusiast Lauren Purcell, editor-in-chief of Every Day with Rachael Ray, gives us her personal recipe for her favorite creamy garlic soup.
Serve these deep-fried brains is you are having zombies over for dinner.
Roasted Bison Filet Mignon with Pan Gravy & Smashed Potatoes
This classic dish of meat and potatoes is always a favorite.
Butternut Squash
Domain in New York City shares their wintery recipe for gemelli with sweet butternut squash, kale, wild mushrooms, and Aleppo pepper.
Eden Grinshpan of Log On and Eat with Eden Grinshpan on the Cooking Channel shares her favorite Thai-isnpired Mango Sticky Rice recipe. Grinshpan's comment on the recipe: "This snack is light and delicious! You will love it! I promise! Perfect...
Here's a hearty, flavorful dish that takes care of a few special diet needs your guests may have. It can simultaneously serve as a gluten-free, vegetarian side dish or a main course for four. Use any mushrooms you like, including...
Forget the butter! Spread some delicious chocolate over the biscuit for a decadent preview of dessert!
Add foie gras to a comfort food favorite.
This Rotel inspired recipe makes my mouthy water just thinking about it. While the chicken is simmered in a tomato and mushroom sauce with chopped green chilies , I serve with a side of rice or quinoa for a little...
Here's a soup that can be put together quickly and offers comforting, warm and spicy flavors. Serve the soup family-style in a large tureen and arrange the garnishes around the table in colorful bowls for everyone to dress up their...