Best Simmered Recipes - The Daily Meal

Chicken With White Bean and Vegetable Simmer
Whip up this chicken dinner in just about 30 minutes. Condensed soup creates a tasty base for a quick-cooking vegetable stew , and seared chicken rounds out the dish. Dietician and Food Network star Ellie Krieger teamed up with Campbell’s...
Kale is one of those vegetables that gets a bad rap. Many people claim it’s bitter and hard to cook, but give kale a chance. While it’s a bit more toothsome than many of its leafy green counterparts, kale has...
Spiked or virgin, this fall drink will warm your spirits.
Braised Bison Sirloin Steaks
Braising is a great way to develop tons of flavor over a long period of time.
Anything that can be made in a slow cooker is ideal for cold weather; just add and let it simmer. Why should apple cider be left out of that treatment? We’ll take two.
Fans of hamburgers, rejoice! This dish incorporates your favorite meat with a little extra kick.
Hamburger Sauce: Salsa all’Americana
Ketchup is the all-American condiment, but instead of squeezing the bottle, try making your own version. Note that this recipe can easily be doubled and the ketchup will keep in the refrigerator for a week or so. Click here to...
Who says hot cocoa is just for the kids? Try this adult hot chocolate for your next hot chocolate social.
Chipotle Mango Meatballs
Fresh mango perfectly balances out the heavy barbecue meatballs for a refreshing, yet filling appetizer. Serve these as an easy appetizer at your next party.