Chocolate Beet Pudding Cake
Beets are a contradiction. When pulled out of the ground, they look like unappetizing, dirty round lumps. But when you cut one open, the intense purple-red color is almost shockingly beautiful. Beets are very healthy and highly versatile; you can eat them in soups and salads, roasted, sautéed, and fried... you can even use them in a cake! I used roasted beets for this recipe, and the result was a moist, reddish-brown cake that has a pudding-like texture when served warm. If you cannot wrap your mind around the notion of eating beets in a cake, feel free to substitute applesauce for a tamer, if less thrilling, snack cake. — Lea Hendry Valle, Sweet Paleo.
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Intense ingredients make this a complex sauce that I very much needed in my bland old days of dieting. It has no added sugars or oil—or anything fatty, sauteed, or fried—but has a delicious flavour that will substitute well in place of your favourite "store bought" sauce. It's sort of a puttanesca if you use the olives and capers, I suppose… You could also use it as a building block for endless variations: italian sausage and basil; mushroom; sweet pepper... This sauce is particularly good with Genoa salami, provolone cheese and artichoke hearts on a pizza. I've even used it as the start of tomato soup. Just add some cream, wine, fresh basil, cracked pepper, and blend.