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From "The World Goes Raw Cookbook" by Lisa Mann. Cooking time includes marinating time, but does not include time required to sprout wheat.
From 'Recipes From An Italian Summer' by the Phaidon Press, the essence of summer served in a bowl.
You will not believe these are actually good for you. Full of living enzymes and better than cooked brownies, these are a frequent treat for us! The beauty of this recipe is that it's so easy to whip up when you have a craving. I always double or triple it and throw some in the freezer.
Raw Kale and spinach salad
This superfood salad is packed with nutrients and vitamins (and is absolutely addicting). The quick-pickled red onions add a tangy bite to the dish, while the garlicky dressing breaks down Kale's tough leaves for a crunchy and hearty salad. Tossing...
Mid-afternoon can be lackluster in the energy department, but this recipe loaded with almond butter and honey will help you get through it.
Raw Shiitake Kale Salad
One night I went to a fabulous event in Boulder hosted by Bauman College. During this evening one of the graduates from Bauman's chef program did a great cooking demo for a raw kale salad with shiitake mushrooms (it had...
"This amazing juice recipe will help you detox and get glowing skin. Call it your beauty secret!" says Valerie Orsoni, nutritionist and founder of the online weight loss sensation .
A simple mixture of nuts, raisins, and spices makes a delicious topping for Honeycrisp apples. Click here to see 5 No-Cook Recipes (Slideshow)
Raw Chocolate Mousse
Certified psychology of eating teacher Nina Manolson shares her recipe for Raw Chocolate Mousse, which uses avocado in place of eggs.
Raw ARtichoke Salad
Artichokes are great any way you eat them — shaved when raw with a heavy dose of olive oil and cheese, steamed with the tender leaves dipped into a lemony-basil dressing of sorts, or grilled during the warmer months.
Try this delicious "pasta" made from strips of summer squash and zucchini tossed with tomatoes, olive oil, and fresh basil and oregano for a dish packed with bright flavors. Click here to see 5 No-Cook Recipes (Slideshow)
Lentil soup with raw mangoes
Back at home during the peak summer, Mom would make ‘Aam daal’ or ‘Raw Mango Lentil soup ’. It’s tangy and sweet, with little juicy bite in between and very comforting. You would love it warm as well as cold...
Redolent with Mediterranean flavors and sage, a favorite Greek herb. Sage leaves can be crisped in the dehydrator by laying them out on a mesh rash, then topping them with another mesh rack so they don’t blow around. Dehydrate for...