Pressure Cooker

What is Pressure Cooker?

You’ve probably heard people talking about a pressure cooker, whether it’s your friend who is always on the forefront of new culinary trends, a hip new chef experimenting in molecular gastronomy, or someone at your most recent dinner party telling you about this weird "slow cooker" they just heard about. In recent years, these devices once relegated to restaurant kitchens have started to become more commonly used in home kitchens.

Pressure Cooker Shopping Tips

A pressure cooker is a useful tool in the kitchen when you don't have much time to cook something down.

Pressure Cooker Cooking How-Tos

A common use for a pressure cooker is making stock or cooking down meats that normally time hours to break down in a fraction of the time.

More On Pressure Cooker

Cooking time is pressure-cooker dependent.
Spicy Chicken Briyani made in pressure cooker
The pressure cooker allows you to create a superb risotto in five minutes with almost no stirring. The texture is just right; the grains of rice are cooked through but still slightly chewy and bound with a creamy, silky liquid. Pressure-cooker ...

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